Here's a couple of examples of stylistic landscape paintings created recently. They form a threesome of a large centrepiece and two smaller pieces which form a complimentary set. They are based on landscapes drawn in Northamptonshire comprising background hedgerows, a typical dry stone wall built from the local ironstone and a foreground of a variety of grasses and reeds. 

The paintings are a snapshot of years of walks in the Brampton Valley and many other countryside haunts for Bob Campbell. "They're ancient landscapes in a world inhabited by scores of generations of farmers and farm working and dwellers in small towns and villages. It's a landscape shaped by the plough, harrow, billhook and axe. Tending of fields and drains over thousands of years has shaped beautiful and inspiring scenes".


I love this portrait not least for the "lazy boy" look of a classic Jack Russell dog but also for those eyes. The left eye is in shadow but still has a vital sparkle, the right eye is in light and you really feel you can almost see the back of the pooch's eyeball. This resulted from a nice photo in the first place. That really helps!

I drew the dog on bright white paper with a range of 3H, 2H, H and HB, B and 2B pencils.

Individual dogs can be lovely but many owners have a few. I think five is the maximum so far. And no - they don't need to be faces only. Any pose. And why not include the owner! Try the drawing below for size!