Bob Campbell lives in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, a beautiful market town set in rolling countryside just about in the middle of England. With his wife Di. Bob loves walking and especially walking to pubs!


Bob has drawn and painted since January 2016, so not long. His last foray into the art world was at college back in the late 1970's. From then on he didn't draw but gravitated into  the world of design management and then software sales and marketing. For almost 40 years Bob didn't draw at all. Then he persuaded himself to retire and decided to draw again. It was a welcome diversion to the prostate cancer diagnosed in early 2018.


"It's amazing" says Bob. "I've seen computer software develop from wireframe images on computers the size of a small office down to desktop and laptop computers and on down to mobile phones and devices and in that time pencils haven't changed at all. Paper and paint is pretty similar too and that was lucky for me. Because when I made my mind up to draw and paint again it was all pretty straight forward. All I had to do was remember which hand I held a pencil in and how hard to press!"


And luckily for you Bob is left handed so the drawings are quite good. Well; we hope you think so. Check them out in the Gallery pages.

(Oh, and the prostate cancer's long gone!)